Intel (R) Processor ID Utility

Intel (R) Processor ID Utility 5.60

Utility to identify the features and other technical data of an intel processor

This software utility is developed by intel for its processor users to identify the features and technical data of the processor being used.
(download filename pidenu19.msi , 1108480 bytes)
The features are available in three different tabs when the program runs and displays the following data.

Frequency : The Frequency Test section of the utility gives information on the operating status of the chosen processor.
Expected Frequency - The speed manufactured to operate.
Reported Frequency - Shows the actual speed at which the processor is operating. (shows for multiple cores)

CPU Technologies : This section shows the technologies and features that are present in the selected processor.
The details available are on the Virtualization, Hyper-Threading, 64-bit support, Speed-Stepping and SIMD(single instruction multiple data) extensions.

CPU Data : This section identifies the Intel processor in the system by :
Classification : Type, Family, Model, Stepping and Revision
Other Details : L2-Data Cache, Instruction Cache and Packaging.

The Save feature enables the processor information to be saved into a text file.

The Web Update feature enables updating to the latest version of the Intel Processor Identification Utility.

The Intel Processor Identification Utility is not intended to identify microprocessors manufactured by companies other than Intel.

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